B.O.S.S. Builder Guarantee
The B.O.S.S. Builder program operates on a results-driven, action-based satisfaction guarantee.
If after joining the program, completing the B.O.S.S. School of Business, and applying the blueprint step-by-step as we've laid out for you, you are not 110% satisfied with your results — simply email us at support@blueoceanecommerce.com and we will either (1) provide you a full refund, or (2) replace your B.O.S.S. Build with a brand new B.O.S.S. Build + give you a 1 hour consulting call with our team 100% free of charge, whichever you prefer.
However, we don't cater to quitters.
To qualify for the guarantee you must have actually followed the B.O.S.S. School of Business as it's laid out, and spent at least $100 on Facebook ads testing each respective product in your B.O.S.S. Build.
There are no refunds or guarantees if you do not take action in the information inside.
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